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Frenectomy Surgery Explained

There exist different kinds of dentists and one of them is a paediatric dentist who handles cases of small children. Children can develop certain conditions in their mouth when they are born and some of these conditions is lip tie or tongue tie. In lip tie, this is the situation where the upper lip of the child is joined to the upper gum in the mouth. On the other side tongue-tie his a situation where the tongue of a child is joined to the bottom part of the mouth which causes the tongue to be limited in its mobility and flexibility. These conditions can be very irritating and dangerous and that is why it is always advised that a child Who is having such conditions to be operated on so that the lip and the tongue are separated from the areas that they have been joined to. The process of separating the lip tie and the tongue tie is referred to us as frenectomy surgery.

The methods that and be used to do the frenectomy surgery are different. One way frenectomy surgery has been conducted over the years it’s through conventional methods where a scalpel is used to cut off the part that has been joining the tongue to the base of the mouth or the upper lip to the upper gum of the mouth. In this type of method, the patient usually experiences a lot of bleeding and takes a lot of time before he or she is totally healed. Also the patient has to be stitched so that the wound that has developed is together to aid in the faster healing after the procedure.

The conventional way of undergoing a frenectomy surgery using a scalpel has slowly been fading away since technology has Aided dentist to come up with better ways of handling such procedures. Nowadays dentists usually prefer to use laser aided equipment to perform frenectomy surgery over using the scalpel as before. There is a lot of risk that is involved when using the laser equipment and therefore dentists usually have to be very careful when handling such procedures. On the good side there are many benefits that come with the used of laser equipment while undertaking frenectomy surgery. One of the advantages is that there is no risk of infections since no metallic equipment is used during the procedure and therefore no bacteria is carried into the mouth of the patient. Another merit that you realise from using the laser in undertaking frenectomy procedures is that the healing time for the patient is usually way faster than when the same patient will have taken the same procedure using the scalpel.

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